Mission Oriented Hiring

Real estate development projects are major events in urban neighborhoods, spurring activity and creating a large volume of work opportunities throughout the course of construction. Dorchester Bay is particularly focused on leveraging these events to build long-term opportunity for local residents through training and hiring in the construction trades.

Working in conjunction with the City of Boston, the Massachusetts Minority Contractor’s Association, and the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations and its Boston membership, Dorchester Bay has been in the forefront implementing higher standards for local, minority and female hiring in its development projects.

In our Bornstein & Pearl Food Production Center and Quincy Heights construction projects, we?exceeded employment goals (learn more) with a workforce of 68% minority, 56% local and 7% women. Additionally, 57% of the work was contracted with Minority and Women Business Enterprises.

In our?currently active renovation of Cottage Brook Apartments, we continue working to meet these standards. The project has also imposed a minimum wage of $20 per hour to help insure a more livable wage.

Read more about our successes in minority hiring and local hiring here:

Minority hiring figures vary for Boston contractors,” The Dorchester Reporter, February 5, 2014