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Technology Centers


Dorchester Bay has four technology centers: Dudley Village, Columbia Road Computer Learning Center, Cottage Brook, and Geneva Apartments Center.



Technology Classes


Dorchester Bay is proud to partner with Tech Goes Home – a national award-winning initiative that helps to bridge the gap between under-served residents and tools, education, opportunities, and access to the technologies required for 21st-century skills development.


In collaboration with Tech Goes Home we offer a Google Chrome, internet-based curriculum to teach computing fundamentals in a small, comfortable environment. The course is ideal for students who?are new to basic computing skills, but it’s a great refresher for students who have some basic internet research and document editing experience. Families with children (ages 7-17) are welcome to attend, providing that minor children are accompanied by an adult.


There is no fee for the 10-week course, and participants who complete the course may purchase a new Chromebook laptop for $50.00.


Upcoming Course Details

?To be announced.


For more information about our technology resources and offerings,?and to register for the?course, please contact:


Cookie Sheers, Resident Services Coordinator & Tech Goes Home Instructor, 617-825-4200 ext. 554 or