Resident Initiatives

Dorchester Bay’s Resident Initiatives and Community Organizing Department (R.I.C.O) engages our residents through targeted strategies that develop capacity to:

  • Build power – the ability to act – through sustained broad-based community organizing and leadership development
  • Lift individuals (adults and youth) out of poverty by promoting social change
  • Advance access to technology for neighborhood residents, raising educational levels, increasing skill levels and developing job readiness.

We are dedicated to enabling people to effect social change. We believe in the potential of our community residents to grow and develop as leaders, to be full members and active participants in community life, and to advocate on their own behalf. Our strategy aims to cultivate new leaders through face-to-face, one-on-one meetings whose purpose is to initiate a public relationship and build social capital.

Through our Resident Initiatives component, we also provide employment and computer skills training to help residents further develop themselves. We offer a variety of additional services, including after school care and programs for our elderly population.

Other services/opportunities include:
  • Tenant Organizing builds active tenant associations to promote leadership and tackle critical resident issues, such as crime and the responsible development of local properties.
  • The Youth Leadership Institute (Y.L.I.) is a program designed to give teens the knowledge, skills and motivation to assess and make needed changes in their community. Through Y.L.I. they engage in a change project where they use their new skills to have real impact on the world around them.
  • To learn the skills necessary to create changes in your neighborhood
  • To build relationships with other Y.L.I. participants
  • To create positive change through an action project “Youth Force,” Dorchester Bay’s organizing and leadership training for teens, is recognized as one of the strongest youth organizing programs in the state. In 2010, the Youth Force helped win $9.2M for after‐school jobs for young people.